About the Candidate

Jenn Pusatier is a very active resident of Grand Island that dedicates her time to serve and better the town she loves so much! 

Jenn is a ‘93 graduate Grand Island Senior High School.  She attended Niagara County Community College and Erie County Community College for education.  Time was taken off while she was working to support her husband, Mike, of 24 years while he attended medical school and is now a family physician for Buffalo Medical Group. They have two children.  Samantha, 18, is attending Daemen College for nursing. Nicholas, 14, is attending St Joe’s Colligate High School.  Jenn’s parents and in-laws are residents of Grand Island. Grand Island is their forever home!

Jenn is the oldest sibling of four children, 2 brothers Dan and Brian and her sister Jamie.  Her mother was a stay at home mom while they were young and her father was a truck driver.  Being the oldest with a father that was home only weekends at best she was forced to grow up early and help her mother with jobs around the house.  Jenn is known to be always building, painting, fixing, designing, just about anything around her home.  This includes plumbing to electrical work and auto to small engine repair.  Getting dirty and putting in a hard days work is how her neighbors and friends know her. Jenn was raised by a family that lived paycheck to paycheck and understands the value of a dollar.  Jenn also knows that the time of one working parent just to pay bills are just about gone.  Spending tax payer dollars in the right way on behalf of all residents to stretch that dollar is priority number one! 

Jenn wants to earn your trust and votes!  Jenn feels that in order to serve the community you need to be active in the community!  “Boots on the ground” and “ Listen, Ask Questions, and Get Involved”  “Compassion, Respect, and Honesty Go a Long Way”.


 Now that Jenn’s children are older she has decided to give back and help wherever she can within the town.  Jenn has a passion for helping others and bringing people together.  Within these last years this has often directed her to new challenges as an activist, chairwoman, director, or leader in community projects in service.